Tuesday, 27 April 2010

You and me are done professionally, man.

So, I recently watched Terminator Salvation again. It's an alright movie, nothing spectacular or anything but it reminded me of this (if you havemn't heard it, have a listen):

Admittedly, the first few times you hear it, it's pretty funny to hear Bale ranting like a madman, mainly for the "Oooooooh, goooooooooood for you," "Ah-da-da-da-da-da" and the way his accent changes from American to his normal English one and back again several times, but after that it just becomes uncomfortable to hear him lay into the DP. If Christian Bale called me a prick I would lay into him, and tell him to light the movie with the light that supposedly shines out of his arse.

And the gall of him to be calling the shots on the scene, then when someone tells him to calm down, he loses it again. I think Bale's a good actor, but in this he just comes across as a massive tool. And things reach a head when it sounds like he tries to take a swing at the DP.

Christian, what don't you f*ckin' understand? Quit taking your 'job' so seriously. You get paid to play dress up and make believe. And it's not as if Terminator Salvation is a particularly emotional movie. Chill out dude, or you and me, we're done professionally.


However, if it hadn't happened, we wouldn't have these:

And this is my favourite, "You punch your mother with that mouth."

Anyway, genius.

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