Saturday, 1 May 2010

"Sir, I'm gonna have to ask you to exit the doughnut!"

To get the full Iron Man 2 feeling, you should really read this review while listening to this.

Anyway, the movie itself. I was pretty excited for it to be honest, having loved the first, and number 2 did not disappoint.

As much as people say they go for the action, I went to see this for RDJ. He is literally perfect in the role, a smarmy smug A-hole but yet you can't help but like him. My favourite scenes in the movie were the ones in which a lot of characters are talking at once and then Tony comes in with a great one liner. My favourite being the scene in the bar at the Monte Carlo track, with Tony, Pepper, Hammer and the reporter from the first movie ("Yeah, she did a spread last year for me. Wrote an article too" or something like that. Genius.)

As brilliant as RDJ was, the other actors weren't too shabby either. Sam Rockwell was great as the almost Tony Stark but not quite chacrter, Justin Hammer. Although he was just a smug smarmy A-hole. Don Cheadle was pretty good as War Machine is this, taking over from the other guy in the first movie (don't remember his name); he's pretty much playing the straight man, but has a good couple of moments both in and out of the suit. I also liked that Jon Faverau's role as Tony's bodyguard was bumped up as I think Faverau's funny in anything he does. And to be fair if I were the director of the movie I'd probably try and put myself into a scene with ScarJo if I could, so fair play to him. On to Scarlett; well, she was really a bit pointless in this movie, and is just basically serving as a springboard to the forthcoming Avengers movie. However, her one big action scene has a great pay off gag at the end (pepper spray). And she's hawt, which didn't hurt. Gwyneth Paltrows role in Iron Man 2 wasn't as great as in the first but she still had some great comedy sparring scenes with Tony.

And Samuel L Jackson as Nick Fury was just Samuel L Jackson playing every role he's played in the past ten years. He's sort of become a parody of himself, but it's SAmuel L jackson, he's so damn cool he just about gets away with it.

And now on to the action: a lot of people complaing that there wasn't enough. Rubbish. Those people are the ones who can't watch five minutes of a movie without something blowing up. Go watch Transformers 2 then. Obviously the Monte Carlo bit was a highlight, with the suitcase suit, which was awesome.


The final fight was pretty cool, with the drones chasing Tony and War Machine unwittingly chasing him as well. A different spin on a chase scene which was nice. However the fight with Whiplash was pretty dull and a rehash of the first movie climactic battle too.

Whiplash in the previous 2 hours however was great. Mickey Rourke giving him just enough quirkiness while never losing the menace or turning into a pantomime villian even when he was wielding his skipping ropes of death.

Overall though, it's my favourite movie so far this year. And if you didn't stay for the post credits scene, Here it is. The geeks among you will know what it's about. Everyone else will be all WTF?

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