Monday, 30 August 2010

My top gaming moments ever

Just thought I'd note down a run through of some of my favouriteas gaming moments of my life so far. Some of these are scripted moments that every pweson playing said game will experience, some of them are personal to myself. All of them are awesome.

The opening of Call of Duty 4.

I remember watching this as it's unskippable while you're playing, and thinking that it's pretty awesome. I also remember thinking that at some point the actual game would kick in and I would save the dude that lookes like he's going to be executed. Every time there was a point that I thought I would jump in, the cutscene just kept going, and going and going. Then the head terrorist guy raises his gun. I thought that maybe the game would jump back a bit and let me play. And didn't. The president dude was dead. An audacious, powerful, unexpected opening to one of the best games I have ever played.

Staying with CoD 4: The nuke

Normally once the game takes over from you at the end of a level, this means everything will be ok. Not so here. Here, everything goes to hell. I do rmember an audible 'holy sh*t' when playing this for the first time. And as with the opening scene of CoD4 the aftermath of the nuke, as your soldier crawls about before finally dying, is undoubtedly powerful. These two scenes are more grand in scale than anything the sequel had to offer. Not saying MW2 is bad, just a bit overblown at times. This, while nothing original, had enough of an effect to truly hit home.

Red Dead Redemption, Arrival in Mexico

I've talked about this before, but it still is one of the finest, most breathtaking moments I have ever experiecened in all my gaming life. You get on your horse, start riding and the most perfect song starts up as you ride to your destination. I guess it depends on what you do once you get on you horse, but for me, I rode along the coast, watching the God rays burst through the clouds and glisten on the water below. May e that's a bit dramatic but it really is the perfect marriage of atmospherics, setting and music. It really is superb.

Halo: Combat Evolved, first appearance of the Flood.

People forget that while the enemies, The Flood, were stuffed into Halos 2 and 3, in the first one, no-one knew what they were. This cutscene terrified me seeing it for the first time. You don't expect to be scared playing Halo, but this was well creepy. Audiologs were commonplace in games were you could hear of weird stuff happening to charcters. This was the first one I can remember where you actually saw the menace before you yourself actually had to fight them. And that noise they make...ugh. Game over, man. Game over.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2, end cut scene.

As a 7 year old kid, this was the height of awesome.

Star Wars Battlefront, Mace Windu gets ate.

Right, so me and my good pal flipmofoxx are playing Star Wars Battlefront in uni, our rooms are beside each other and we're playing via system link. It's awesome. Star Wars Battlefront is basically a game that throws rebels and imperials into battle with each other, whoever kills the most wins. And every so often a jedi or sith will appear to help your side out. On this game, in the Dune Sea of Tatooine, Mace Windu comes to the aid of the Republic. After destroying a couple of driods, someone throws a thermal detonator at him. Mace Windu goes flying through the air, towards the Sarlacc. The sarlacc grabs Mace who's still in mid air and swallows him whole. Flipmo and I both see this, deem it hilarious, and still talk about it to this day. FACT!

"Feed me"

Beating Gears of War 2 on Insane

Now, Gears of War 2 on insane isn't that hard really, it's more of a slog just to get through it, but damn if completing it wasn't the most satisfying gaming moment in a long while. Getting 150G's for doing it also didn't hurt. I'm sure Blind Dave will agree.

Every second of every Oddworld game ever

...but if you're looking for specifics, then the first Oddworld game there ever was, Abe's Oddysee gets my vote. Back on the Playstation it was the first game I ever actually bought with my own money. I remember playing it on a demo disc I got free with a magazine and knew that I had to have it when it came out. To this day I can still remember most of the opening narration to the first cut scene: "This is Rupture Farms. They say it's the biggest meat processing plant on Oddworld. I used to work here. Well, I was really a slave like all the others."

Watching that back, it still looks pretty impressive graphically and with it's mix of puzzles and humour, the game never got boring. Although it did get very very frustrating at certain parts near the end. I remember continually dying. If I could compare it to any more recent game, it would be Portal. Speaking of...

Still Alive - Portal

You really have to have played though the whole game to appreciate this song, but trust me, it was awesome.

The cake is a lie.

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