Thursday, 3 July 2014

Defending D'Movie

The negativity that Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie is getting annoys me. Not because I have any great affection towards the film (just typing D'Movie just about took all my inner strength) or the television series it stems from. I've never watched it and have no desire to do so. I've absolutely nothing against it; it just doesn't seem like my cup of cross dressing tea. But the way it's been received, critically as well as amongst my friends, both online and in real life, would lead you to believe that it’s a blight on all humankind. It's really not. At worst, it's an unfunny - in your opinion - comedy you’ll never watch yet whose existence baffles you. I don't see why it should though. You may hate it, although I'd wager most that do seem to hate it have never watched it and yet deem themselves to be somehow 'above it,' but there are people that do watch it, and find it hilarious. More power to them.

A cross dresser, yesterday.

It just strikes me as odd that people, like myself, who in the past (and sometimes still today) have been castigated for liking something that's not the popular thing to like, to look down our noses at something someone else might enjoy. Mrs Brown's Boys just seems to be the whipping boy du jour, as for example Doctor Who was in the past. Or as in some quarters, gaming and comic book reading still is. You can't expect people to treat your likes as a legitimate source of entertainment if you're unwilling to accept that others get enjoyment from things you, personally, do not like. I've written about these sorts of things before, and although I'll admit I sound like a broken record, I like sticking up for the underdog. Again, by all accounts, Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie isn’t very good, especially if the trailer is anything to go by, but if others get enjoyment from it, who am I, who are we, to deny them that? Or question their (in this case) sense of humour if what they find funny isn’t to my tastes?

Countless times, I've defended things I read or watch from those who dismiss them outright because of REASONS. I'll accept the fact that they dislike it if they've watched/read it but not before. I likely won’t ever see it so I can’t - won’t - offer an opinion on the movie, sorry, D’Movie, even if all signs point to a cinematic misfire, although I will admit that one joke in the trailer made me laugh. As an example, I feel I can offer an opinion on the films of the ‘_____ Movie’ genre (Scary Movie, Date Movie, Disaster Movie) directed by cinematic serial killers Freidberg and Seltzer, because I have actually, sadly, seen a few of them. Date Movie is probably the most awful thing I’ve seen in my entire life. But those films – somehow - earn money, terrible as they are. If it puts bums on seats in cinemas and the people that the movie was made for, those that watch the TV series, enjoy it and make it a success then Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie is laughing all the way to D’Bank.

If we look at the top twenty highest grossing movies of all time, which by using maths one can assume the vast majority of Planet Earth has seen, it shows that there is an in built audience for almost anything, because critically most of these films aren’t what anyone would consider classics. I mean, Alice In Wonderland is 16th? Fucksake. But then again, maybe some people do. That’s what’s makes the world simultaneously wonderful and infuriating. I could argue til I’m blue in the face about why Alice in Wonderland is cinematic dreck, yet there’s probably some (poor deluded) soul who’ll argue right back that it’s a masterpiece. I mean, they’re wrong, but that’s by the by. 

Alice's acid flashback.

I’m not saying I’ve never dismissed a film I’ve not seen. Who knows, Scary Movie 6 might be a revelation in comedy that breathes new life into the parody genre. The previous five films would indicate not though. But whatever happened to being optimistic that movies might be good no matter what? In the age of the internet, things are either totally amazing or total shit. As another example, I had never watched a Fast and Furious movie after the first one because I assumed they were all the same and therefore rubbish. Then my missus dragged me along to the cinema to see Fast Five. Which as it turns out was fucking awesome. I was first in line for number 6 which was also fucking awesome, and am now filled with optimism for any future installments. [Although I was dead right about all the others but that sort of disproves my point.]

I can’t pretend to be above a film that isn’t made with me in mind when I’ve shelled out hard earned pounds for things that in my own head even I know are awful. So, fans of Mrs Brown’s Boys, go see your movie. Don’t let any opinionated arseholes dissuade you from seeing it.

If you like it, be proud in that fact.

It’s tailor made for you.

Enjoy it.