Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Slave (1) to a Franchise

An apology for the title, but it’s an apt description. Is there any movie or television series that owns your immortal soul? I know the one that owns mine probably owns a lot of folks.

And that franchise is…Star Wars. I know, shock horror!
I love it. I mean really love it. Despite the lacklustre prequels and several duff entries into the Star Wars universe, it’s still the one franchise I’ve probably bought the most stuff of/from. Saying that though, I’m not by any stretch a hardcore Star Wars fan. I’m not hugely into the expanded universe stuff, but I do enjoy some of it.

So, here’s the list:

Obviously I own all six of the movies. Only 3 and a half of which are any good.

I own the animated Clone Wars series (the Gendy Tartovsky one) and I urge any Star Wars fan to seek it out, even if you’re not a prequel fan. It’s especially notable as it shows Grievous out to be an absolute badass, something only alluded to in Revenge of the Sith but never shown on screen.

I own the other animated Clone Wars series, which after a disappointing start really came into its own and is in my opinion probably better than the prequel movies themselves. It’s certainly more fun anyway, and it can get away with lines that real actors would sound stupid saying (see: prequels). In particular there is a three episode arc involving and old flame of Obi Wan’s which has more emotion in it in 40 minutes than the entire relationship between Anakin and Padme in the actual movies.

I have had several Star Wars games in the past, including The Force Unleashed and both Battlefronts. As well as Rebel Assault II back in the Playstation days.

I own two lightsabres. Not real ones, like.

I have a dozen or so action figures.

I have a box full of Star Wars miniatures, which is a Warhammer style game that my good friend Adam Fox (another Star Wars aficionado) got me into.

I have a couple of Star Wars novels. I recommend Death Troopers. Star Wars + zombies = awesomeness.

And I also have a lot of Star Wars related t-shirts, which are amongst my favourites of all the nerdy t-shirts I own.

So, there’s my confession. Are any of you acolytes to any fictional universes?

[pictures to follow]

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