Monday, 27 June 2011

Bridesmaids review: No, come back, come back!

This will not be a very long review, mainly because it’s quite difficult reviewing comedies, when essentially you put it into one of two categories: not funny and a failure, or very funny and successful.

Bridesmaids is the latter. And a very pleasant surprise.

Yes, it’s probably a little too long and sags a bit near the end, and some characters are a little superfluous, but it’s the funniest thing I’ve seen at the cinema for ages.

Until I see Transformers that is.

Gentlemen, do not be put off by the title. Yes, it is a movie whose central premise revolves around weddings, but it is not a wedding movie. The lazy way to describe it would be The Hangover with women, and it is an apt description (almost), but where that movie was an ensemble, this movie really belongs to Kristen Wiig.

Likable, funny and most of all believable as a real person; she owns this movie. As funny as the characters were in The Hangover, the situations they got themselves in were what provided the real laughs. Here, it’s mostly the characters and, importantly, the dialogue. Nothing hugely outrageous happens (no tigers in bathrooms here) but it’s the conversations in which most of the films funniest bits come from. Just a word of advice, pay attention or you’ll miss some of the subtler quiet jokes.

However, you will be hurting as you watch the aftermath of a bout of food poisoning. And that’s not subtle whatsoever.

Highly recommended

4 stars

[Shit, that was really short. Sorry.]

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